About Patricia

“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, But when the darkness sets in, Their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”


I am a Conscious Lifestyle Designer, originally from St. Louis, Missouri. I lived in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, California, for 42 years and am now currently living in St. Louis AGAIN!

I help women find their MOJO and regain their zest for living as they learn to Nurture, Explore and Transform (NET) their lives.

I was called to this journey via my own dark night of the soul at the very young age of 15. It was a tumultuous time watching my mother exist unresponsive for more than two years.

Upon my mother’s death, my family was disrupted and broken apart, which led to  me developing extreme fears and trust issues in my teen years.

More than two decades later, in 2010, I encountered another dark night of the soul while experiencing my own serious illness. With no one really knowing the root cause, my life became about survival and being a mom.

For eight months, I found myself living with a walker and off and on in a wheelchair with a deteriorating body and a mystery illness. As my body was breaking down, I searched both Western and Eastern medical modalities, only to be confronted by more tests and more confusion. Both myself and my doctors were scratching our heads in wonderment. I was in extreme pain, and soon lost the use of the lower-right-half of my body and all bowel control. At home, my family seemed unable to cope as my devastating illness intensified.

At one point, a friend referred me to a healer/medical intuitive who told me the doctors were looking in the wrong place. I arranged for a phone call with this medical intuitive and my neurologist, which began my healing process.

The neurologist immediately put plans in motion the next day to explore the area where the medical intuitive had seen a black mass. With MRIs and CAT scans showing a benign tumor on my spine, I was in surgery 24 hours later for removal of the tumor. 

  • Your internal/external environment is a physical manifestation of who you are … a MIRROR OF YOUR SOUL. If you want to raise your vibration, you need to change your belief system to support your deepest dreams and wishes. This new inner knowing will allow the body, mind and spirit to move into creating your optimal way of health and well-being.
  • Our subconscious mind believes and accepts everything we say and do… and shapes who we are and our world around us. AND remember, our beliefs are only thoughts — and thoughts can be changed.
  • It has been said that illness is a reset button… a reframe of one’s life to bring ourselves back to wholeness. We must be committed to do deep discovery work only to find that you have the power within you to heal yourself.
  • By allowing the energy of the elements of nature — AIR, WATER, FIRE, EARTH and ETHER (spirit) — to help us discover who we are, you will clear away old blockages to hear the secret messages of your soul. Research shows that by bringing nature into our inner/outer environments, healings may occur — not only from the aesthetics, but because nature is linked to Spirit.
  • Joseph Campbell said, “What we are seeking is an experience of being alive so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive.” Life can make us feel beaten down. Creating a toolkit that helps you find your MOJO again is the key to creating a life worth living.

I LOVE MY WORK because I finally realized my greatest JOY, what inspires me, is to help OTHERS transmute complacency into a deeper, conscious lifestyle. My work is my PASSION. IT DOES NOT FEEL LIKE WORK in the traditional sense. Being in the world of service to others has been my dream. It feels like I have been gifted and discovered a deep desire, passion and exhilarating thirst to share my conscious lifestyle philosophy. 

I LOVE MY WORK because when I work with my clients to re-evaluate their personal life story, I am right there with them, re-evaluating MY OWN story (again and again). The lessons of loss, grief and grace, and then renewal, have been a constant theme in my life since childhood. It has taken me many years to find my way back to joy! Finding my MOJO was born out of the many dark nights of my soul. I am not a therapist, but I AM a worthy guide through life.

I LOVE MY WORK because I KNOW we come through it all with the strength and understanding that the Universe — God, Spirit, etc. — has our back. We are who we are because of our life experiences, and we learn to respect and honor all of our choices. May we eventually move through all the struggles with deep knowing that we are rooted in Spirit, and Spirit is our spiritual rock.

I LOVE MY WORK because I help my clients put in motion the idea that one person can affect change in the world as I help you transmute complacency on the micro/macro level. I hope to inspire my clients with a deeper knowing that WHAT WE DO MATTERS. I often explain the metaphor of someone throwing a stone into the lake that sends out a ripple. That ripple becomes larger and larger. Yes, the ripple effect’s potential is much greater than the original impact of the original stone.  BUT, someone has to be the stone thrower to begin the ripple effect!   SO….WHAT YOU DO MATTERS!

I LOVE MY WORK because as my conscious lifestyle evolves, I realize my reaction to any situation, how I view it, and how I cope with it, changes my vibration in the world to a higher level. We are all energetically connected and what we do matters! We have the power to transform any situation to elevate our vibration in our personal world, which ultimately elevates the vibration to affect the larger World. IT ALL MATTERS. This is my truth and how I walk in the world.

I started my career with a B.A. in Organizational Development and Changing Systems, managing law departments and creating training manuals. Realizing I needed a much more creative livelihood, I went back to school and received my credentials as an Interior Designer. For more than 27 years, I ran a thriving residential interior design company in the Los Angeles and Santa Barbara area… and I loved every minute of my creative and exciting world! My passion for building community, helping others and being part of something much bigger than myself led me down many additional paths in support of women, children, transformation and legacy-building, including:

  • JAGRITI — an educational exchange program for women from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nepal that embraces women’s empowerment through the Bridging Worlds Emerging Leaders Program. I was on the Board of Directors, serving as Board President for a short time. 
  • Women Moving Millions Project — Since its founding in 2007, this group has inspired more than 300 members to pledge over $650 million to organizations and initiatives that share our commitment to advancing women and girls around the world. I was one of the original 50 women involved.
  • Women Moving Thru Breast Cancer Program — A body, mind & spirit healing program for women with cancer, as well as other illnesses, that received grants from Susan G. Komen. 
  • Additional nonprofits, including projects such as Imagine the Good and The Odyssey Project.

I also have a strong affiliation within the world of the Healing Arts, including:
  • B.Msc. Metaphysical Science, Metaphysical Practitioner and Ordained Minister
  • Inter-Faith Spiritual Director and Graduate of the Chaplaincy Institute in Berkeley, CA
  • Consciousness Trainings, such as Werner Erhard’s est Training
  • Landmark Forum
  • Certified with the International Coach Federation
  • Certified with the Coach Training Alliance
  • REIKI master teacher
  • Certified as a Body-Mind-Life Coach (Specialist, Somatic Coach)
  • Certified as a New Life Story & Wellness Coach
  • Certified Interior Designer with the Learning Tree in Newbury Park, CA
  • Studied at UCLA Extension Design Program
  • Graduated from The Staging Diva Program
  • Certified Master Teacher with Stillpoint Foundation and Dr. Meredith Young-Sowers
  • Certified Master Teacher Trainer with Women Moving Thru Breast Cancer
  • Graduate and Advanced Courses with The Nine Gates Mystery School
  • Graduate of Western School of Feng Shui
  • Certified with Denise Linn in Interior Alignment®, Native American Medicine Wheel, Instinctive Feng ShuiTM and Soul Coaching®
  • Owner of Enlightened Environments, a coaching and consulting company consisting of Feng Shui and Conscious Lifestyle Designs for 27 years
  • Volunteer for school-related and other nonprofit philanthropic projects