Patricia’s Work

All of my work is about raising your consciousness, which influences your health and well-being, thereby creating an enlightened environment that supports you. By stepping into deep personal work to find perfect balance, joy and inner peace, we learn to live life from the inside-out — from a healthier, more vibrant you.

  • Our environments evolve as we evolve, and gradually become healthier spaces reflecting your whole and complete self…..emanating from the internal to the external. From this place, our environments become optimal living spaces, reflecting a life in alignment with our deepest desires. Now, we will have a toolkit that holds practices to help you live a life that is congruent with your most valued desires, hopes, dreams and passions in complete alignment with your purpose.
  • As we become more AWARE of what we say and how we say it — practicing conscious speech and action — every aspect of our life will become more in tune with who we are. When we are unconscious, we might not even notice what is (or is not) supporting us in our relationships. Being mindful of our actions today will influence our life tomorrow.
  • As we become more aware that everything is energy, we will become more conscious of the choices we make that inevitably affect the micro/macro energy around us… which affects the vibration of the entire world.
  • Our relationships will evolve into a reciprocity that supports us for who we are — not only supporting others, but also supporting ourselves. We discover that, by speaking our truth, we are living authentically and knowing that the Universe has our back! 

Today, Spirituality is defined and used from many perspectives. Many people link spirituality to their religion, but many others do not. As we grow and deepen our purpose and perspective of life, our definition will change and evolve.

  • Spirituality is living with the intention to realize the Universal Life force (God) is in every part of your being…..your thoughts, words, emotions, dreams, hopes and desires. The totality of your life!
  • Spirituality is seeing God in all things…
  • Spirituality is giving selfless service to others no matter race, color, gender, or caste.
  • Spirituality is discovering the magnificence of the divine intelligence within yourself and the world around you.
  • Modalities such as yoga, ritual, prayer, meditation, walks, labyrinths, gardening, dancing, art of all kinds, ritual, journaling, sacred reading, etc. all help to develop and deepen a spiritual life
  • Spirituality is a way of walking in the world; a perspective — in our dreams, food choices, relationships — recognizing the elements of nature and the reverence we have that we are connected to it all
  • We are INTERCONNECTED; our spiritual lives eventually are reflected by being a conscious human

There are many definitions of “enlightened” in the dictionary. To condense them down for my purposes, it means to live a conscious balanced life, to be aware of your perspective, your worldview from a micro/macro view and how you are in it. It is also about allowing others to have their own perspectives; allowing others to be who they are in their own light…

  • The work of our lifetime may be to recognize we can expand our consciousness to realize all that we can imagine. You do not “become” enlightened by reading books; rather, seek to be in the world experientially to BE in it; it has been said, “it is safe to live on a mountain top..…BEING in the world and working out your issues is how we deepen our soul’s work.” When it is cellular; you have BECOME without even realizing when that happens… then you are walking your talk.
  • Little by little, day by day, we become more wise, conscious, heart-centered and aware of everything that is right and wrong in the world….and learn from it. With an expanded consciousness emanating from the inside…we seek this inner alignment to be reflected on the outside… this “new way of being” becomes an Enlightened Environment.
  • We create Enlightened Environments by understanding what inspires us and what we need to help us feel grounded in the world. An Enlightened Environment might have certain smells (scent or no scent), colors (light or dark), textures (rough or soft), sounds, architectural elements, artwork and light are different for everyone. This environment is specific to you.
  • Our inner world (the good, the bad and the ugly) is mirrored back to us and reflected in our external world. Our energy impacts everything around us.

Enlightened Environments is now known as a consulting company that encompasses all aspects of creating a balanced lifestyle. Living your life in ALIGNMENT with your emotional, spiritual and physical needs for your life today means to create a conscious way of being in the world. Creating a conscious lifestyle and surrounding yourself with an Enlightened Environment is a micro/macro opportunity.

In the beginning (1992), the company was called Eder-Friedel Designs. When Feng Shui eventually came to the WEST, it changed my life forever as a designer. I became involved in the ENERGY OF THE PEOPLE AND THEIR HOMES vs. just buying products and space planning. As my work evolved from product-only to energy enhancer, space designer, consciousness consultant and sacred space developer, I realized my work was evolving into creating Enlightened Environments.

My clients not only wanted me to have conversations about material, furniture, etc., they also wanted to discuss the health and well-being of their home environments. My work evolved as my clients became more knowledgeable about color, spatial issues, the meaning of good and bad energy, placement of furniture and so many other possibilities to create a space that was in alignment with who they were as a family. I became a creator of healing environments and sacred spaces.

I began studying the psychology of design — what actually encompassed spaces to reflect healthy lifestyles, including healthy cleaning products, etc. I became an Interior Alignment practitioner, which allows me to go to the core energy center of a person’s home, balancing it with the elements of nature.

Today, I work with the elements of nature, and, at the same time, recognizing we live in the 21st century and address the modern-day issues of clutter and indoor pollution. My approach is intuitive, intentional and heart-centered to help create an Enlightened Environment… a Home for the Soul.

So, where did the name, Enlightened Environments come from? Believe it or not, it came to me in a dream. I woke up, wrote it down, and I knew it was mine! 27 years later, as I evolved, my design work and conscious lifestyle programs have taken on deeper meaning.

This work has allowed me to evolve from being an interior designer at Eder-Friedel Designs to a Conscious Lifestyle Designer at Enlightened Environments.

Together, I help you create a customized model for creating YOUR very own Conscious Living Lifestyle.


All of the symbols used in my logo are ancient. From the Greeks to the alchemists; they all have their deep beliefs in what part the elements play in our daily lives. They represent our past cultures and can provide us a deeper understanding of intangible ways of knowing; even help us find meaning by knowing the elements, their critical energy forces and what they mean. Maintaining a balance between these elements was advocated to ensure physical as well as psychological well-being.

Some refer to the sacred symbols as having abilities to take us to a place of inner knowing. It is believed by many that by sitting with a sacred symbol we can transform our consciousness, and deepen our understanding of our meaning of life. If we understand the deeper meanings of sacred symbols; we can deepen our reverence to life and our place in it.

My work revolves around balance and the five elements of the Universe. These elements and other symbolism are often incorporated into our spiritual life and my work.  Below are brief explanations of the symbols I purposely used to create my logo reflecting the intention of my work:


The bottom green bar holding up the two trees represents earth/nature as our foundation. This bar is shown containing the 4 physical elements representing life in the Universe.


The Greeks believed the World to be composed of 5 basic elements (left to right): Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Spirit. The last element is considered non-physical… space, aether, spiritual, universal field, Akasha. The other 4 elements are the physical elements of the Universe.  These are considered the critical energy forces that sustain life. All of these elements are integral parts of matter or the physical universe, and the human body is a physical creation existing in the material realm. Therefore,  human beings were seen to be made of and governed by these 5 elements. Maintaining a balance between these elements was and is advocated to ensure physical as well as psychological well-being. Here are some meanings for each element:

  • Fire: Courage, strength and passion
  • Air: Intellect, communication and imagination
  • Water: Purification, healing and peace
  • Earth: Stability, grounding and fertility
  • Spirit: Aether, Spiritual/space, Akashic, non-physical (the other 4 elements are physical)


In religious iconography, personifications of the Sun or solar attributes are indicated by means of a halo or a radiate from the yellow circle representing the vital energy. They also personified the sun as a great, cosmic eye in the sky.  In my logo, the sun represents life, energy, force, strength, power, and rebirth. A rising sun represent a “new day” or “new beginnings”.

THE TRIANGLE (Body, Mind and Spirit)

This triangle represents the all encompassing energy of prana, spirit. The triangle and the spiral are two vitally important symbols representing my work with my clients. It is the content and deeper meaning of the symbols in our culture that I keep in mind; not necessarily showing the symbols to my clients, but holding the intention of the ancient meanings of these elements.  It is my sacred reverence to our imaginal ways of knowing that I hold onto the becoming a conscious human being.

THE SPIRAL (known as the universal pattern of growth)

The spiral is the oldest symbol and is used in most spiritual practices. Reflecting the ever-circling pattern of growth and evolution from the inside out. It is a sacred symbol reminding us of our evolving journey in life. The Spiral helps consciousness to accept the ebbs and flow of life and is often used as a personal talisman.


The squiggly blue line across the trees is a representation of the water element. This element deals with emotion and the unconscious vs. air is all about the mental forces we are pulled through.  Water is also about purification, cleansing and finding your peace in it all.


The tree of life is a symbol of a fresh start on life, positive energy, good health and a bright future. Trees represent immortality. A tree grows old, yet it bears seeds that contain its very essence and in this way, the tree becomes immortal; also representing growth and strength.  I have two trees representing balance and the squiggly line, water, balances earth.  Water is motion, fluid, and the trees are grounding, solid & stable.  My intention putting them together was about grounding yet fluidity.