MOJO Renewal Process

The MOJO RENEWAL PROCESS®​ is a deep exploration through exercises, creative discovery and coaching. You will learn to work with the intentional field and the process of deep reflection to allow you to realize your best version of yourself. It is not a quick fix. We have work to do, and I’m here to help you through it all.

If you are ready to step into the newest and best version of yourself, then you are in the right place.

Perhaps you have gone through divorce, want a more purposeful life or want a kickstart to finding your MOJO, your passion. Maybe you are at a midlife transition stage, or are craving to know your life’s purpose. You may have experienced a serious setback, such as illness or depression, or perhaps you are an empty nester or grieving life in general.

It’s time to claim your future and regain your vitality and excitement. You will kickstart a bigger, fuller, deeper, awareness in your life… and create a conscious way of BEING and LIVING in the world.

The MOJO RENEWAL PROCESS guides you in creating a toolkit to help you find your MOJO again.

THE MOJO RENEWAL PROCESS consists of Three Stages: Nurture, Explore and Transform (NET). The work is a 5-week program….in-person or through video calls. Each step includes a deeper, personal inquiry that becomes the seed for ultimate personal transformation. As you do the work internally, you begin to also see positive changes reflected in your physical, external environment — from your immediate home environment to the world around you.

As an energy healer, metaphysical and chakra practitioner, I’ve learned “a change in any part affects the whole.” As we begin to rebalance your personal energy field, all parts will be affected, and a transformation will take place. This work will guide you to…..



Our lives are connected in mysterious ways to THE FIELD…energy. Everything is energy. Through my metaphysical and energy training we will allow for a deep dive into understanding our story. Eventually, as we become aware of the stories we tell ourselves; we will shift them with personal intention and affirmation to create a conscious way of choice. We often weave our fears, doubts, and worries throughout the personal story; more often than not our re-write of our story can change our lives for the better. We will open up space to release energy blockages and limitations, bringing a sense of clarity and closeness to the messages of your Soul. We are eliminating the inner and outer clutter in your life.


NURTURE, EXPLORE and TRANSFORM (NET) are all aspects of my work with women that equal the whole of our sacred journey in life. It is my deepest yearning….to be a part of the NET process with other women…YOU…oh and by the way, the NET translates into the rich weaving together the threads of our lives; our work, our dreams and our passions.


The awareness you gain gives you a new TOOLKIT to keep you on track as you manifest your heart’s desire.


Contact Patricia via email to explore your work with her and how to participate in the MOJO RENEWAL COACHING PROCESS!