Metaphysical Practitioner and Ministry


  • Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that studies the ultimate nature of existence, reality and experience without being bound to any one theological doctrine or dogma.
  • Metaphysics acknowledges and respects the beauty in ALL of God’s Creation.
  • Metaphysics is religion without dogma.
  • Metaphysics does not explore religious beliefs and laws created by man, but rather, it explores the immutable laws of nature, set by The Creator, God, in the creation of the Universe.
  • Metaphysics includes all religions but transcends them all.
  • Metaphysics is the study of ultimate cause in the Universe.
  • Metaphysics is the only science capable of inquiring beyond physical and human science.

(Definition via University of Metaphysics)


Throughout this website, you probably have already noticed that all of my work is about Transformation of the Soul! None of us go through life without loss, grief, sadness and some combination. At the same time, we also have the power of resilience. We each have the power to move through grief of any kind to growth. When we work together you will develop a toolkit that will help you find your MOJO again. Meaning…you will feel empowered to face life again with self-confidence and finding a new meaning to your life. If you find yourself going through any of the below transitions; know that it is all a process and I can guide you through them!

  • Illness of a loved one or your own
  • Divorce
  • Extreme betrayals, disappointments
  • Job loss
  • Disillusionment in Life
  • Loss of identity

As a metaphysical practitioner and minister, as well as an Interfaith Spiritual Director, I bring to you a different view of life than a typical coaching or counseling session. If you read the “What is Metaphysics” philosophy above; and those principles resonate with you, then call me so we can get busy helping you find your MOJO again!

Please contact me via email or call to set up a 20-minute free meet and greet chat!


My training studied all the major religions; so, I am familiar with the nuances to be able to “hold the space” with you to guide you to discern what is best for you. I help guide you to discern your own deep yearnings, questions about your purpose, and to help you discover your own deep inner wisdom. My main goal is to help you find a deeper sense of connection and alignment with Spirit.